This webpage will be the home of the Crayon Project only.  Visitors can find my artwork at:

After reading below, please consider contributing a drawing. Examples of works received can be viewed by clicking CRAYON PORTRAITS.

 I have been working on a book with Spuyten DuyvilPress ( book will be a compilation of artist's self-portraits done in  WAX-crayon..... The first 100 drawings received will go to print. There may be subsequent volumes depending on participation and costs.

I am collecting the drawings while also considering and exhibition space......the book may happen later than the exhibition but I would like best if they happened at the same time. This is potentially a good show and and an even stronger book but it will only become actual if the drawings are made.

So what I need from any of you who would like to contribute is : 11x14", good quality drawing paper,  a self-portrait using crayon ONLY.
Yes, the Crayola kindů..please, no oil-stick, pencil, pastel etc, (One main
point is to see the diversity that can happen with this single, very
simple and surprisingly difficult medium). On the back of the drawing ,in
pencil, write:
name,address,email,city ,state , country and phone#.

If you are in the NYC area I would rather take the work by hand but if not then send to:
Walter Markham. 365 Ocean Av. #4A Brooklyn NY 11226.

 The drawings that are sent by mail (regular post only)are at your own risk. By submitting, you are releasing your work for an indefinite period of time. Your signature on the back is an agreement  for reproduction. 

Because there has not been a deadline set, the project at this time has been relegated to this web-page. Participants are still welcome and you may submit with a jpeg to my email and I will post when it is received, or as stated above , hand deliver or regular mail. The plans for an exhibition and book haven't changed but when that will happen is not defined or accelerated to force what is for me, a process of slow acquisition. When 100 drawings are received, the publication will commence. My final plan for this project is to exhibit all the work and return to each participant after the exhibition. Artist's who have already given a drawing can request to have it returned if you have difficulty with the length of time that it has been with the Crayon Project. Please try to consider your drawing as a long-term donation. 

wm-(tel) 9172087727

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